QHow can I avoid damage to my car’s fuel pump?

A – When you or a family member operate your vehicle with the fuel level below a 1/4 tank you take the risk of causing damage to your fuel pump, in many cases causing it to fail, especially in the summer time with high temperatures.

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Q – When should I change my car’s oil?

A – The answer is, really it depends. I know, you hate that answer, I do too. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it used to be. there are many variables that come into play today.

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Q – What is the major cause of battery failure?

A – When most motorists think of dead batteries that cause starting failure, they think of…

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Q – Can riding in my car actually make my allergies worse?

A – The air is filled with pollen, dust and pollutants that are drawn inside vehicles…

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Q – Do I need to do anything special to get my car ready for winter?

A – Yes, and no. You may be all set, but you should have an inspection. Click on the link for our 7 Tips for getting your car ready for Winter.

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Q – Should I do anything to get my car ready for summer?

A – The Car Care Council encourages motorists to follow 10 basic maintenance procedures to ensure their vehicles are running at peak performance for the summer driving season.

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