What our customers say about us:



I have always been pleased with Kehoe Automotive’s care for my car. The service is competent and friendly.

I’ve had several major repairs done – they have always been timely and well done. I also appreciate the fact that Dave is quick to let me know if something doesn’t need to be done.

I especially appreciate Kehoe’s commitment to safety and prevention of mishaps or further damage. I’m also glad for the explanations given before any work is done – it’s an educational experience.

Cathryn G
Wheaton, IL


QuotesI am impressed with the high quality work. Steve spotted a warped pulley other mechanics had missed causing repeated belt problems.

Kehoe fusses over each job like a mother hen. He insisted I come back after a day or two of driving so he could personally double check that the problem was not going to reoccur.

The best benefit is the security and faith that your repairs are done properly and you have been treated fairly and courteously.

Barbara O
St. Charles, IL


QuotesFriendly, understanding and most important a place I trust. Dave’s my car’s doctor. If I didn’t trust them I wouldn’t be going there.

I had a heat-cooling system problem. Dave didn’t just throw parts on. It took him a while to search documents but finally found the problem and fixed it.

I Like the pre-paid car-care (oil changes & service coupons) and that they keep track of what they’ve done. Once I brought the car in and when I picked it up there was no charge. Dave said he replaced the part before and it should have lasted longer.

Joseph L
Carol Stream, IL


QuotesService was excellent.

Being a stickler for customer service and watching how service related companies do in the area, I was very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and explanation of the cars’ problems.

They are trustworthy!

Susan D
Streamwood, IL


QuotesI wanted to thank you for taking care of the tires and battery on our Taurus a couple of weeks ago. We were really in a bind (our own fault) but you really came through for us.

John made it okay to New York and tells us the car is running great!

In addition to your great service, I like bringing our cars for service because it is always a pleasure to talk to you.

Sue H